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Item Number: TB 007

CHF 795.00

Kurdish Pile Saltbag
Rare collectors piece
Late 19th cent.

53 cm x 37 cm

Item Number: TB 003

CHF 3'700.00

Shahsavan Soumak Double Bag
Daghestan region, highly desireable collectors piece.
Small area of restoration. Mid 19th cent.
70 cm x 30 cm


Item Number: TB 003


Kurdish Soumak Bagface
Nice colours and composition
Late 19th cent.
58 cm x 47 cm

Item Number: TB 004

Shahsavan Kelim Doublebag
Excellent colours, complete bag with nice back
Very small area of restoration
Late 19th cent.
82 cm x 27 cm

CHF 1'240.00

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