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Item Number: 2.08

Caucasian Soumak Mafrash-Sidepanel

Good condition, good colours,

approx. 1890

114x56 cm

CHF 890.00

Item Number: 2.09

CHF 150.00

Small South Persian Bag
Made out of a larger textile, early 20th cent.

24 cm x 29 cm

Item Number: 2.19

CHF 950.00

Baluch bag with animal frieze
Last quarter 19th cent.

32cm x 82cm

Item Number: 2.18

CHF 120.00

From Turkmenistam, fair condition, good colours, late 19th cent.

92x45 cm

Item Number: 2.30

CHF 625.00

Bachtiary Soumak Bag
Good condition, good colours, finde work,

late 19th. cent.

35x50 cm

Item Number: 2.39

CHF 1'200.00

Shahsavan Kelim Doublebag
Excellent colours, complete bag with nice back,

very small area of restoration, late 19th cent.

82 cm x 27 cm

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